Research & Development

Research & Development

Good health is one of today most important challenges. To ensure that for more than 14 years Dpl has been committed to improving peoples health and quality of life.
We do so by researching & developing plant based medicines health care products. Drug development focuses on immune system, nervous system, cardiovascular diseases as well as on respiratory and urological indications. Besides this a very special type phytomedicin, we are trying to develop which may help to remedy the disease specially concurs and diabetes. Our research and develop mint carried on flowing the basic principles of research. This can be divided into basically four phases.

1.    Basic research
2.    Preclinical research
3.    Formulation development
4.    Clinical research

 The research process starts with the screening of new plants, subsequently, special entreats from the plants are developed. A modern production technology leads to a product in which beneficial bioactive principles are enriched. At the same time harmful components are eliminated form the extract. The derived plant extracts are thoroughly screened using relevant pharmacological and toxicological models to ensure optimal customer safety. The efficacy and safety of our products are investigated in clinical trails prior to their introduction into the markets. Such trials are performed and monitored by out own clinical research unit in accordance with the ICH-GCP guidelines.

Basic research:

The research & development process for a novel innovative phytomedicine  stars with the screening of new plants and herbs.

DPL natural compound research specialist, Biologist and Chemist specially then produce extracts of the medicinal plant or herbs using different extraction methods and various types solvents such polar, non polar, more polar etc.

They search for to characterize pharmacologically active ingredients in order to increase their content in the finished product by modifying and developing the extraction procedures. Both the crude extracts as well as isolated bio-active substances are subsequently tested with regard to their therapeutic action by means of a high performance screening system such as for Bio-assay selection of Model ie, mice, rat, ginepig  e.t.c.

The optimal active compounds and extracts are documented in data bases in the form of a plant extract library. Extracts likely to elicit the desired pharmacological effects are selected for further development.

Formulation development:

Isolated plant extracts in a suitable drug delivery form is the greatest challenging task for DPL formulation development unit.

Firstly the Bio-active molecule or drug has to maintain its optimum quality through out the given shelf life. Secondly the active ingredients must be released at the right time and at the target organ or place to develop their beneficial action agaist the disease or defects.

Highly concentrated special crude extracts and modern technology bases advanced manufacturing process for solid, semisolid or liquid dosage forms have resulted in substantial progress in formulation development, leading to high dose preparations in modern pharmaceutical forms.

Excipients used for the finished product may have a significant in thence on the stability of the medicinal product and must be completely safe for human use.
All these factors are taken into account when developing new pharmaceutical forms. The finished preparation Mother tincture, Bio-chemic, Biolaid, Dilution/Potency medicine, tablets, capsule, liquid, semisolid are easy to take.

DPL high dosage low dosage concepts reduce intake frequency and is therefore particular sub taste for elderly and all ages patient.

Preclinical Research:

Preclinical research team is doing this job. They are highly skilled for model selection and have enough knowledge about pharmacological concepts. Potential innovative phyto medicines coming out of the natural compound research are tested by our in-house pharmacologists with regard to their efficacy and adverse effect profile.

Crude extracts and single compounds are subjected to intensive pharmacological investigations. DPL used specially designed pharmacological models in order to reveal the mode of action. For this purpose modern methods such as immunological assays and reporter gene assays using cell cultures and isolated tissues are applied. In addition, the compounds are tested in cell cultures or tissues.

The following pharmako kinetic investigations determine the fate of the new phytomedicine when administered to a living organism. This part of the development process tries to clarify the extent and rate a new substance is absorbed, distributed, metabolized and excreted in and from the organism.

DPL plant/herbs extracts are thoroughly screened using relevant to toxicological models to ensure optimal standards in the field of customer safely. Since extracts of the same plant yielded by different extraction methods are not comparable, these finding are usually not applicable to extracts of the same plant from other suppliers.